November 25, 2010

Lockheed Martin and Boeing Trying To See Who Can Build The Best Launch Vehicle

Using Existing Rockets for Future Human Exploration - NASA Watch

Seeing as how congress wanted to push the development of a heavy lift rocket to 2011 instead of the 2015 date that Obama had put forth this past tax day, then I say give them a shot. If Lockheed can produce a HLV before Boeing can, then Lockheed is the company we should go with. If NASA can come up with a system of checks and double checks before doling out money, than NASA can minimize it's risk to an acceptable degree. This will be accomplished by NASA either giving the go ahead with as much assurance as possible that the mission will succeed, or NASA will decide that Boeing is the better option. So I say go ahead, give the home team a shot, see if they've got what it takes.


November 22, 2010

International cooperation needed for space exploration - Washington DC DC |

International cooperation needed for space exploration - Washington DC DC |
A nice short summary and analysis regarding some of Charlie Bolden's recent comments and the issues they pertain to.

This is Charlie's comments,

And this is some editorial perspective on the issues. Though not much.

It is quickly becoming obvious that not only is international cooperation necessary for future space exploration, international cooperation is quickly becoming a topic of conversation amongst the nations that are most active with their space programs. Now, this event seems to have cause barely a ripple, and yet it is part of a continuing theme which includes Obama's Space Policy from a few months ago, and the history of space relations between Russia and the U.S.. Here's a short quote from the newest Space Policy,

"The United States hereby renews its pledge of cooperation in the belief that with strengthened intern national collaboration and reinvigorated U.S. leadership, all nations and peoples—space-faring and space-benefiting——will find their horizons broadened, their knowledge enhanced, and their lives greatly improved."

One of my previous posts goes into more detail regarding the coverage and effects of Obama's new Space Policy, and another delves deeper into the history of international cooperation during the space age.

Oh, and here is the International Academy of Astronautics website, which has information regarding the recent Head Of Space Agencies Summit mentioned in the articles above.
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