September 21, 2010

Republicans Prepare

Republicans Prepare: for victory after November. The GOP is expecting to win a few seats this November and are planning to use the small amount of leverage that this affords them to enforce changes to the White House's legislative agenda. A few of the plans include forcing any legislation to cite it's constitutional authority and to vote against appropriations funding for certain aspects of the already voted on and passed health care law. 

The health care laws were discussed and filibustered for months, with a lot of trading, compromising, and mud slinging. Some of those laws came to vote, and were passed. Kind of. Words on paper are great, but nothing will get accomplished without money or action. And those same laws which have already been passed must once again be put to vote: How much money will we allocate for this law? If the money allocated is nothing at all, then the program cannot proceed. If, as is most likely, a pittance is allocated for these programs, than these programs will fail (which sets up a perfect "I told you your plans would fail" moment for the republicans a few months down the road. Never mind their attempts to make them fail any way) and what's worse, the offices and personnel and taxpayer money becomes a useless and costly appendage to our government. The laws have been passed and regardless of their personal thoughts on the matter, our elected governors have sworn to uphold the laws of this nation, and have dedicated themselves to a system in which all vote and all abide by the vote. These recently passed laws are laws and therefore must be upheld until we openly and honestly discuss the need for these laws in the forum designated by the structure of our government and it has been decided that these laws are no longer necessary.

But that quibble aside, some of the GOP's other initiatives are worth investigating, such as extending insurance pools to those with pre-existing conditions.
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