July 14, 2011

Prophesy in a song lyric

You know that song? You hear it all the time, in commercials and movies. It's got the line, "Money money money money,   money!" You know the one I'm talking about right? Do you know the title? I didn't use to, but it got brought up in conversation today and none of us could figure out what the title is or who did it. Happily, there exists Google. It turns out that the song was recorded by a sixties soul trio called the O'Jays, named after Cleveland DJ Eddy O'Jay. They had a number of hits, some from when there were five members, such as "Lonely Drifter", and some from when they became a trio, such as "For the love of Money" and "Love Train". Hey! They also did "Love Train"! That's neat. But that wasn't the song I was looking for. It had something to do with money, that's for sure, but I'm a little deficient in further details. I know! Song lyrics search engines! Yes! I found the song title! And even better, the video for the song was embedded, right on the page! So I could verify that the song lyrics I was reading actually belonged to the song that I was thinking of on one web site. Neat. And the title of this song about the perils of money and greed, as recorded by the O'Jays? For the love of money. And the name of the album? Backstabbers. Frickin' genius.