November 22, 2011

Linkage: Science & stuff

Ok, so yesterday I posted a bunch of links. They all had to do with space. This time I've done the same, but with only three links about space! The rest is interesting too.


Cocktail Party Physics - Weekly blog all about physics. Written by an English major, so always interesting.

Bad Science - The British version of Bad Astronomy, but only because of the similarity in the names. And they both debunk silly science.

Fuck Yeah Fluid Dynamics - Nuff said.

Physics World - A bit above my head, but a good resource for primary sources that aren't scientific papers.

Wolfram Alpha -Weird online knowledge engine. Ask it stuff, it answers.

Citizen Science Alliance - Sounds like a 1950's comic, but actually a think tank for creating citizen science projects such as...

…all the stuff at Zooniverse. Mostly astronomical, but quickly finding other fields of study that can be exploited by cloud science.

Science News - News about science. Who knew?

The National Academies Press - Awesome stuff in here. I just wish I understood more of it.

World Science Festival - It's a festival about science. Hooray!

Nottingham University: Three different sites, Chemistry, Physics, Other Physics, centered around Nottingham University. Awesome.

Test Tube - Behind the scenes in the world of science.

Periodic Table of Videos - All about chemistry. Martyn Poliakof is fucking awesome.

Sixty Symbols - All about physics. They have a tetris champion!

Mars: I forgot all about these yesterday. These three blogs chart the progress of our roving wanderers on Mars.

Lights In The Dark

Road To Endeavour

On the Outside, Looking In

Stats and whatnot:

GapMinder - Hans Rosling is a statistician. He's also incredibly entertaining. I know, I didn't think it was possible either, but there you go. The miracle of existence, and so on.

World Fact Book - Brought to you by the CIA!

Pew Research - Doesn't necessarily mean it's a religious organization.

Pew Research Center for People & the Press - Like above, except focused on people stuff. And newsy stuff. Oh, go check it out, it's hard to describe in a pithy sentence.

Comics: COMICS!

XKCD - Unpronounceable gibberish. But still hilarious.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Innocuous title, rampant cursing. Awesome.

PS - Stuff II: The Revenge of Stuff! Also, any links you have that are awesome (word of the day, btw) feel free to submit them.