November 21, 2011

Linkage: Space

So with the holidays coming on and stuff I don't know how much time I will have to spend writing stuff other than essays and answers to algebra and stuff*. But I don't want you to be left bereft of blogger wisdom (variable definition of 'wisdom' in use here) so I'll just post a bunch of links that I use. These people are usually smarter than me anyhow.


 Bad Astronomy. Phil Plait is awesome, and also the source of a lot of these links. Go here, read, enjoy!

Dear Astronomer. Nifty blog filled with bunches and bunches of nifty stuff.

The Write Stuff - Orlando based blog all about space. Obvious Florida bias. Which is fine, because also excellent insights. It's a website about astronomy. Did you guess that? Also the website for Astronomy Magazine. Awesome sky atlas.

Astronomers Without Borders - Website dedicated to promoting international companionship via astronomy. Makes sense, we all see the same stars (except people in other latitudes)

Association of Space Explorers - Group comprised only of people who have gone to space. Neat!

Planetquest - Directory of all known exoplanets

SpaceHack - Citizen science projects having to do with space/high atmospheric research. Rockets are sometimes involved, which is awesome.

Space News:

Parabolic Arc - News and Editorial. Big on space tourism.

Government Space:

Colorado Space Grant Consortium - State run program aimed at getting Colorado students access to space. (Grants, projects, funding, etc.)

NASA Watch - Critical reviews of NASA

Roskosmos - Russian Space Agency

Canadian Space Agency - Canadarm kicks ass

International Space Exploration Coordination Group - Group dedicated to creating a coordinated international plan for space exploration. So only modest goals allowed I guess.

Commercial Space:

SpaceX Twitter

Commercial Spaceflight - Web site dedicated to commercial space flight. Duh.

Space Commerce - NASA Watch derivative focusing on commercial space.

Colorado Space Coalition - Collection of aerospace companies in Colorado, making Colorado a pioneer aerospace location.

P.S. I was originally going to do a one off post, but than I realized I have a lot of links. So I'll be posting more as I get them organized. I would also note that I do not use these links everyday. Most are resources, data archives, and things of that nature. I visit them on an as needed basis. Bad Astronomy is a daily habit though.