January 21, 2012

A More Peaceful Competition

""The report includes an impressive list of accomplishments, impressive as much for the political will for success demonstrated as the technical achievements," Johnson-Freese said. Furthermore, the document notes that "guaranteed funding" through "multiple funding streams" is a goal, she added.

"The Chinese do an excellent job in learning from others and I think they do not want to see themselves in NASA's position of having lots of good ideas, but more rhetorical political support than actual funding to follow through on those ideas," Johnson-Freese said."

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Any form of government will work perfectly if the people in charge are perfect. Since people aren't perfect, I prefer democracy. But there are definitely certain attributes of tyrannical communism that helps to get things accomplished. Joking aside, I don't think that we will see a new space race with China, at least, not like the first one. There's certainly a heady atmosphere of nationalism to be sure, but there isn't near the same feeling of hostility that permeated the Cold War era. Though I do hope that we (Europe, Russia, et al) start competing to be the best in space. Just not with bombs and trying to destroy each other and stuff. But with you know, telescopes and satellites and rovers and stuff. Science is way cooler than wholesale death any day.
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